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Tips for Dating Married Women

When people find out I work for dating site, one of the most common things I hear that online dating is not really the same how offline dating works. In many ways there is a huge difference between online dating and offline dating. But the basic principle remains the same: to meet new people and hopefully find that special someone. And I hope the following post will help those who believe in online dating or dont. 

For men who are thinking of dating a married woman or who are already dating one and want things to improve..

There are always advantages and disadvantages to everything. Dating a married woman has its advantages so long as you play the game in a careful and planned way and do not let her call all of the shots. But be realistic. The truth is that every good looking and sexy married woman can easily get lots of men willing to date her and she can pick and choose so that puts her in control a lot of the time. If you want her to be sitting around waiting until you can fit her in for a few hours or just want her to meet with you for a few hours sex when it suits you then you are very unlikely to get a woman interested as most can do a lot better.

Married women have affairs and extra marital relationships for all sorts of reasons. The main reason is lust. So you need to know is it love or lust?

Some of them are very unhappy at home or with their choice of partner and feel trapped in their marriage and need some love and friendship with a man. They are not looking for a quickie in the back of your car, they need someone who is more sensitive to their needs and understands it is not about sex. If they do have sex with you it is probably only to please you as this is not what they are seeking. The ones who are unhappy at home are usually hoping that a lovely man will come along and rescue them from boredom or neglect. They may or may not have it in them to actually leave their husband. If they do not have the bottle to leave they will want you to be there for them as their best friend and lover hovering in the background to help them when they are depressed or sad. This may or may not suit you and can become rather boring. Even if they love the man it is still just an affair. Affairs can be fun but they can cause a lot of problems and heartache. You really need to ask yourself are affairs worth it? They might be if you are going to be getting plenty of hot sex but what if it is just a one off? Are one night stands worth it?

Other married women have affairs because they are not really cut out to be married and more suited to the life of a single person and they get bored if they live with someone or see them for a long time. So they seek someone to relieve the boredom of just seeing the same person every day. They might have dreams of leaving their partner but they usually do not, either because they feel there are too many obstacles or they do not have the bottle. These women tend to live for today and not think about the future. They can make a decision today and change their mind tomorrow, so any promises they make you must be taken with a pinch of salt. Perhaps she is serious and she asks herself if she should divorce her partner. Even if she wants to she may find it is difficult or she does not have the courage to make the break. What about if you do not want her to divorce her partner and want things to stay as they are? Surely the whole point of this relationship is fantastic sex?

Whatever the reason for the affair the woman is cheating on her spouse. How do you think she feels about cheating on her spouse? If she finds it easy to do this and does not seem to care about him at all she may well be like that with every man she meets. Perhaps there was a time when she was very loyal to her husband and cared about him deeply, so why did this go wrong? And is it possible that the new relationship will go wrong too? If she cares so little for her marriage vows ask yourself is marriage is worth the bother?

With some married women they love their husbands very much and under normal circumstances would hate the idea of cheating on them, but their husband is in prison and they are very lonely, or he treats them badly by cheating on them, neglecting them or whatever. They feel that although they love their husband because they are so miserable with his behaviour or his constant absences they have no choice but to fill the gap. It may even be that they want to get revenge on him because he cheated and if they cheat too they have evened the score. When these women cheat it is a big thing to them, they do not really want to but feel they have no choice. There is very little chance of having a long term relationship with them because they usually end up sticking with their partner even if he does treat them badly.

Now let us assume that you decide you are going to date this married woman. Tips that will help to make your life easier...

* REMEMBER that there are often times when she is unavailable because she has to look after or be with husband. You cannot get it into your head you will see her every day or see her when it suits you.

* REMEMBER that you cannot phone her at home, at least at certain times. Most married women will refuse to give you their home phone number. If you cannot stand waiting for her calls and waiting to find out when she can fit you into her life then forget it, because that is how it is to date a married woman.

* REMEMBER that you cannot go to where she lives. She will probably refuse to give you her address but if you know it that does not mean you can go there. You have to provide her with somewhere to meet you or take her out. If you ask her to have sex with you in an alley or in the back of your car she will not be too pleased, she would be better off staying at home and seducing her husband. You are asking her to lie and cheat to see you, she will not bother if you offer something that is all to suit you with no thrills or pleasure for her.

* REMEMBER that married women who are willing to cheat on their husband get other admirers who want to see them too. So you have to offer her more than they would offer her. If your idea of a date with her is a packet of chips and then a quick tumble she will get fed up with it and stay at home or see someone else who takes her out properly and spends more time in pleasuring her.

* REMEMBER you cannot make plans for the future. There is no point in getting excited about spending Christmas with her, or going on holiday with her, or living with her. Even if she talks as if it will happen it probably never will.

If you really love this woman and are not interested in seeing her as her secret bit on the side then you have to tell her that unless she leaves her life you will not see her and then refuse to see her until she does. If you carry on seeing her while she promises to change things you will probably wait forever. There will always be reasons and excuses as to why it cannot be right now and has to wait a bit. If you do not mind dating a married woman because you only want sex now and then, or you want something more casual or part time then remember the limitations and enjoy.

Whether this is for a short time or a long time, whether it leads to marriage or not, you need to know how to turn on a woman. You may need to know how to dump your lover.